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Abigail and Zoe would love to make new friends and hear from you!  They would love to see your photos and tell them about what you are doing with your dolls. Use the subpage “Contact Us”. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Right now I’m finishing up a new outfit “The Dark Queen” which is a cape, dress, shoes, crown and staff. I can’t wait to photograph Zoe in it. I think it will suit her, as I want to give her some glowing red eyes. I’m excited about the photography on this outfit, who knows maybe a painting will come out of it. Check back soon, it won’t be long before it’s listed.


At the end of next month, Abby and Zoe will be welcoming a little sister. She’s going to be an Angel of Dreams 1/4 size BJD. The next projects will be to design and create clothing for her and offer to people that own dolls with the same measurements. It’ll be some time before she has her own page with clothing for sale, but we’ll post photos once she settles in and we see what her name will be. We’re all very excited to welcome her to the fold.

She’s finally arrived!  Her name is Kensey and sweet as honey. I’ll be adding pictures of her soon, once I get some clothes made for her. Eventually I’ll add her measurements and some free patterns when that page gets off the ground. I’m very excited about her, and have drafted the basic patterns for design work and have created a wig for her too.

9/12      My next costume project is for the “Dragon Queen Warrior”. I found a really cool brass tray that all engraved, and will be cutting it up for armor, she’ll have a crown, shield and leather clothes.  Having a few projects going, it may take a while to get it cut, drilled and curved. I’m excited to get this one going.  It’ll be for the 1/3 sized doll.

9/12       I have also been playing with the doll clay, carving and sanding. I’ve gotten about five heads lined up, and will soon be carving out the rest of the bodies. These dolls will be posable, but one of a kind art dolls, maybe alittle edgy and will end up on the Handcrafted doll page.


 8/13     Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to create in this realm. We went to a crafts show for the league of New Hampshire Craftsman and I have come back inspired! Dragon Warrior Queen is slow going, but coming along! In September of this year I’ll be taking an online painting class, so between that and the full time work I do,  I’m afraid my lovely ladies will be helping me with poses and lighting for that and not for new outfits.

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