I started experimenting with silk scarves about a year ago and was taken by the vibrancy of the colors. Each scarf is hand painted and took many many hours to complete. The plain colored ones I do as a way to get quicker results with the colors. The ones with designs are a multi layered process, that begins with sketches and then an underlay as a guideline for the barrier. Prices include shipping. I ship within the USA only.

Celtic Fish Design

Pale colors work for this really soft silk scarf.


Coi Pond

Bright orange fish with pink lotus in a splashy pond , makes this soft silk scarf. 


Sunset Pink

A soft silk pink scarf with yellow viens. 


Tattoo Culture

Sugar skulls in different sizes and shapes for this brushed silk scarf will make you look hip!



Tea Time

All different size and shaped tea pots make this brushed silk scarf alot of fun!



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