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Mostly One Of A Kind

  • Posted on June 28, 2012 at 9:15 pm

Hello, I’m Pat Lewis and I have created this site as a place to come and be inspired about dolls and handcrafted items.

I first became interested in Ball Jointed Dolls when I picked up an issue of “Haute Doll” magazine at the bookstore. I was amazed by the “BJD’s” (Ball Jointed Dolls) that graced the pages – they were beautiful! I love that the eyes, and hair is interchangeable and that they can look different all the time. I read stories from people about how their dolls had “personalities” and I thought “What??” Amazingly enough, when I bought my dolls they started to develope their own personalities too! Abigail (on the left) is demeure and Zoe (on the right) is a wild child.

Being an artist, I bought the dolls to model for drawing and painting, and loving to sew, I wanted to design and since it’s a smaller scale, I can have a more instant gratification when creating outfits and accessories. I’ve designed all the items you’ll see in this site and created the clothes from new and recycled materials with some found items for accessories and embellishments. With the dolls, I wanted to experiment with lighting and have them model for my photography, setting them up and dressing them for the shots is one of the most rewarding aspects to owning these dolls.

I started years ago painting and sewing, but painting has lead me to my current career. For many years I illustrated books and magazines, and from there went into permenant body art. If you’re interested, check out our main line of business at;


Scroll down to check out what’s new and any new information that I’ll post from time to time.

We appreciate your time and consideration, and if you purchase something – we certainly thank you. Talk to us on the “Let’s Talk” page and tell us your stories and show you photos.  ——Pat

Dark Queen

  • Posted on November 1, 2012 at 5:22 pm

Zoe volunteered to be our Dark Queen. It fits her personality and she had a great time modeling for the fashion shot. This outfit took quite some time to create. It has a black wire and crystal crown and scepter along with hooded cloak. I’ve made the dress out of antique black velvet and crystals with a leather strapless top that has an applique on it. There are also black leather slippers.

Kensey is here

  • Posted on November 1, 2012 at 5:00 pm

Kensey’s finally arrived!  And, here she is sporting a lavender lamb’s wool wig and blue eyes. I’ve only had time to make underwear for the poor thing!  With her 1/4 size she’ll soon be wearing some really cute outfits and modeling them for sale.  She’s been busy already modeling for a painting with the lighting setup so I can get things as close to correct as possible.